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With the trend of online shopping which started with smaller products it is now getting so common that people look for everything online first and then purchase it. Mobile accessories have been very much in trend and online websites which caters a wide range of products started selling mobile phone accessories online like phone key chains and phone covers. Iphone covers are very much in demand; they come in different textures, sizes depending on the phone model. It started with plain solid colored back cover which provided good support and background color to your phone.  

Then it started to get fancy by introducing printed covers like hearts print, cheetah print, cartoon character print, floral prints, vintage themed print, funky theme print etc. People used to buy their type of cover based on their choice and preference. There are also different materials in Iphone covers ranging from soft plastic covers to stiff covers. The trend of customized phone covers emerged just two to three years back and teenagers have showed a great response towards it. Companies have cashed this trend by making covers on every occasion like valentines, football matches, cricket matches, celebrity events, New Year, Halloween, Easter day and Christmas etc. People opt for online Iphone covers because they are cheap and affordable, premium Iphone covers are expensive and since people have already invested a lot for a phone they wish to have a cover that is not too expensive.  

The reason why online phone covers are so cheap is because they save up inventory costs and they buy in bulk in which the same design may be available for many models. Shipment charges are to be paid by the customer and they also earn profit in that because of the phone cover is almost minimal so the only charges depend on the area only. Leather covers have been in huge demand by customers. Perfume shaped covers have been very popular for Iphone along with a chain. Websites and Facebook pages started taking orders for custom made covers on which you can get written anything you want which could a great gift item for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, birthdays, anniversary, bridal showers, baby showers, and house warming parties. Young adults like covers which depicted their favorite character like Dora, SpongeBob, Mickey or seasons like Game of thrones, breaking bad, friends etc. Cheap Iphone covers are not very durable if not handled with care but you can change them many times since the price is low. Along with phone covers websites started selling finger rings for Iphones which made it even easier to carry your phone with just one phone and minimizing the risk of falling.  Famous phone covers are usually replicated in lower quality but because of being same in appearance it also turns out to be sold in a good amount. For more information, please log on to