Do’s And Don’ts When Leaving Your Dog Home Alone

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Dogs are man’s best friend. They are friendly, loyal and overall, one of the best companions one can ever have. Research have shown that children who grow up in the company of dogs adjust to society better and have better leadership skills. There have also been instances where dogs have reviewed sick people and saved their masters from accidents and other mishaps. It is definitely advantageous to have a dog at home and many people have realized this. In today’s world, with the amount of work and commitments one is faced with, it is not always possible to keep your furry friend company. Many of us have to go to work and only rely on integriti access control to see how our dog is doing. While this cannot be avoided, it is important that you keep your dog adequately monitored when you are away. Here are some tips to ensure that your dog stays comfortable, without any mishaps when you are away.

Leave Enough Food and Water
Dogs get thirsty often. And hungry too. Therefore when you are away, it is important that you leave enough of both, food and water, to sustain your furry friend. Before you leave home, make it a habit to check his water and food bowls. Ensure that both are full at the time. If you feel like your dog will gobble up all the food and drink all the water in one go and remain hungry and thirsty for the entire day, leave the food and water in a number of bowls, placed at different locations.

Before you leave your dog at home alone, make sure that your home security is tight. In case of an emergency, ensure that your dog is able to defend himself without causing harm to himself. If there is a fire, make sure that your dog as an exit out of the building or to your garden. Another clever tactic used by dog owners is to enable CCTV installation Melbourne in their homes. This way, you will be able to see the activities and whereabouts of your dog whenever you want. Just make sure that you check it every two hours or so.

If you have ever come home to a sofa ripped into shreds because your dog got bored in the afternoon, you would know what I am talking about here. All those hours alone in the house can make anyone bored. The same applies to dogs as well. If this isn’t channelled properly, you will be faced with situations such as the one mentioned above. Therefore make sure that your dog has ways to relieve his boredom while you are not at home. Leave his favourite toys within his reach. Also make it a point not to leave the same toy every day. Chances are that your dog will get bored of playing with the same toy every single day and will turn to whatever of your belongings that appeal to him the most.